Coolhands® is the world’s first supplier of rolled-up, individually packaged, bamboo tissues for multi-functional use. With its hand wipes made from bamboo Coolhands offers a high-quality, unique product that complies with the highest quality standards.

Sustainable and bacteria retarding
The sustainably-produced bamboo wipes contain no alcohol or allergens. They have also been bacteriostatically tested by TNO, which means they retard the growth of micro-organisms and no bacteria can develop on the material. The mild fragrance is neutral and pleasant and the kind-to-skin wipes contain only natural fluids additives.

Always to hand
Coolhands’ bamboo wipes are easy to slip into a bag or pocket and mean that wherever you are you can always ensure your hands are clean. Use them after pushing a supermarket shopping trolley, after travelling on public transport, in an airplane, a hotel or a restaurant, when looking after children or animals, when camping, after filling your car with fuel, or at any of the other 1001 moments you wish to ensure your hands look, feel and are clean.

Hygiene rolled-up or folded – the choice is yours
The bamboo wipes are individually packed in handy sachets that take up very little space. You can opt for rolled-up wipes or folded wipes, whichever you find more convenient. The wipes are supplied in a practical and attractive dispenser box that will fit anywhere – on your counter next to the till as a service for your customers or in your canteen for your staff.

Travel packaging
On request we can supply a travel pack containing a number of wipes that will fit easily in your bag or car. From orders of 50,000 pieces the Coolhands bamboo wipes can be printed with your own house-style or logo and supplied either in dispenser boxes or bulk packaging.

Tissue Coolhands® bamboo, 200x280mm, white

Product code 681951
£7.85 /box, 50 pcs Excl. VAT

Tissue Coolhands® bamboo, 200x230mm, white

Product code 681950
£5.05 /box, 50 pcs Excl. VAT